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Up-lighting example

Up Lighting

Midnight Productions / Up-Lighting

What is UpLighting?

Uplights are really wash lights (sometimes referred to as 'fixtures') that are placed on the floor and face upwards. This placement of the lights on the floor provides a single color wash that illuminates the wall and the ceiling.


The main purpose of uplights are to add character or ambience to a dead room, Very often big events are held in large ballrooms in hotels or other venues which are essentially huge rectangles - this makes for a great gathering spot for events - but unfortunately these rooms are so empty and plain that it can make the event feel very 'cold'.


Often times uplighting is the most economical way to improve the look and feel of a space (as decorating a large room can cost 10 or 20 times as much). Uplights transform a boring white or brown room into any color you can imagine and provide a soft glowing light as the night progresses. It also looks excellent once the dancing starts as it creates a glowing light 'wall' around the perimeter of the venue.

We use LED lighting fixtures for all our events. These are the safest lighting options available in the market. LED lights use multiple small bulbs that project a bright beam of light that is cool to the touch. These fixtures cannot harm small children who usually become curious and try to touch the fixtures. 

** This is an additional Cost to the Package Chosen **

Up-lighting Examples

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** NEW**
Recently Added Wireless Down-Lighting for highlighting your cake or snack tables with customized colors.

These mount to the ceiling and last over 20 hours.

Ask us about this new option!

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