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Custom Logo Or Monogram Gobo Projectors

  • When you want to add your own personal touch to your décor at your special event!  Gobo Projectors, better known as "Monogram lights or Gobo Lights" are the hottest and most requested items today.

  • With a Gobo Projector we can place a custom designed logo or monogram pretty much anywhere in a venue.  From dance floors, to walls to ceilings,  Gobo Projectors will add that extra personal touch to your event.

  • For weddings, the bride and groom can have their name or initials or both projected on the dance floor, wall or ceiling.

  • For corporate events, we can project your company logo inside a venue anywhere you like.  For best results, Gobo Projectors work best on surfaces that are blank or have no designs or patterns on them.  We will help you design you a custom monogram gobo.

  • These Custom Monograms can either be Static or Motion Monograms just depending on your preference. 

** This is an additional Cost to the Package Choosen. **

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