Midnight Productions DJ Service also can provide event Up-Lighting and/or Custom Monograms for any event, even if you don't hire us as your DJ!

Transform your event venue to the look and feel you desire with our Wireless Up-Lighting. 
You don't have to worry about cords, because all of our Up-Lighting is completely wireless and can last up to 10 hours without being recharged. 
Besides the standard colors, we can do custom mixing of colors due to the hex led up-lights we use.
Performance Lighting

Custom Monograms



Making Memories with Music

Lets Make it a Night to Remember

Custom Monograms
Want your event to stand out from all the others?  We can provide custom created Monograms or Logo's for any event, not just weddings.
We bring all the equipment needed to project your custom monogram on empty floors or walls to create a custom look just for you!